Eudemons introduces weddings and babies in July's Dawn of Romance expansion

By Michael Jamias
eudemons dawn of romance expansion

Eudemons Online gets all parental mode with the new Dawn of the Romance expansion coming out in July which lets players couple up and raise their own children.

The MMO developers said the lovey-dovey expansion, which will be released in time for the 7th online rpg's 7th anniversary celebrations, will feature babies that look more human-like than existing Eudemons.

But before players can create a baby, they will first need to snag a spouse. The Dawn of Romance expansion has enabled players to find their perfect partner and hold lavish weddings. Couples can wear stunning suits and dresses during their big day and invite server friends to witness their union. Once the marriage has become official, couples can begin making babies.

One advantage babies have over Eudemons is that they are easier to compose and revive. They can also be sent to school where they can learn special talents that will build up their combat utility.

Babies can be brought along quests as amusing companions. But more importantly for PvP gladiators, babies can swing a fight in their favor, adding Battle Points and augmenting their power even in the larger arenas like the Class PK Tournament, Family war and Legion War.


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