Eudemons Online Dawn of Romance Dated and Detailed

By Josh Wirtanen
Eudemons Dawn of Romance Dated

We mentioned before that pet-based MMORPG Eudemons Online's newest expansion, Dawn of Romance, was coming out in July, but we hadn't nailed down a specific date until now. Yes, it's official: Dawn of Romance will be launching on July 31.

While you're designing your dream wedding, you'll be able to craft rings that summon Ring Spirits. This process was briefly described in an official press release: "You can even engrave the wedding ring with the couple’s name. The amazing spellcraft is Level 3, and allows your wedding rings the power to summon a Ring Spirit, which will bear witness to your love in this fantastic world of love and magic!"

Additionally, you'll be able to ride a special peacock mount. Why a peacock? Well, the press release explains: "In the Dai people's minds, the peacock is the most kind, intelligent, free and peaceful bird. It symbolizes auspicious omens and happiness. In Greek mythology, the peacock is the emblem of the goddess, Hera, who treats her people well and shows them love. In China, the peacock is regarded as the embodiment of beauty and talent, and symbolizes the combination of the Yin and Yang philosophy, as well."

We've previously mentioned that you'll be able to have babies in Dawn of Romance, but here are some more details about those: "These incredible Eudemon babies are gifted with different personalities and powerful attributes, such as M-Def, M-ATK, M-Atk & Def, P-Def, P-Atk and P-Atk & Def. You can even decide your own baby’s type! Different types of babies will give you aid in your many battles. Plus, there are 9 composing methods to improve a baby’s abilities, which will make your babies grow stronger!"

All this comes with a level cap increase from 145 to 150.

Build Your Dream Wedding in Dawn of Romance


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