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Eudemons Dawn of Romance Dated
We mentioned before that pet-based MMORPG Eudemons Online's newest expansion, Dawn of Romance, was coming out in July, but we hadn't nailed down a specific date until now. Yes, it's official: Dawn of Romance will be launching on July 31. While you're designing your dream wedding, you'll be able to craft rings that summon Ring Spirits. This process was briefly described in an official press release: "You can even engrave the wedding ring with the...
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Jul 26 2013
Eudemons Online Gets Romantic
Eudemons Online, the pet-based MMORPG from TQ Digital, is prepping fans for the upcoming expansion, Dawn of Romance. TQ Digital got all lovey-dovey in a brand new press release: "The coming expansion, Dawn of Romance, will be released during the beautiful, warm summer, bringing you and your beloved the chance to have your own amazing dream wedding! Have you already found your special someone in EO?" That's right, weddings are going to play a ro...
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Jul 12 2013
eudemons dawn of romance expansion
Eudemons Online gets all parental mode with the new Dawn of the Romance expansion coming out in July which lets players couple up and raise their own children. The MMO developers said the lovey-dovey expansion, which will be released in time for the 7th online rpg's 7th anniversary celebrations, will feature babies that look more human-like than existing Eudemons. But before players can create a baby, they will first need to snag a spouse....
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Jun 10 2013
eudemons necromancer class
The western-style fantasy MMORPG adds the feared overlord of death and decay to its class roster before the end of the year. “The Necromancer Class is highly regarded as the master of death and commanding of undead servants. This class is feared by all other classes and as the level of the character increases so will the power of their spells and pets,” said Eudemons developer TQ Digital Entertainment in a release. Arriving on December 28, the ...
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Dec 04 2012