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  • EuDemons: graphics

    EuDemons: graphics
    Eudemons is a 2-D fantasy rpg. The graphics remind us of one of our all-time favorites, Ultima Online!...
    EuDemons: graphics

    EuDemons: Area of effect

    EuDemons: Area of effect
    Area of effect spells seem to work nicely against large groups of bulls. Is this the secret cow level?...
    EuDemons: Area of effect

    EuDemons: stats

    EuDemons: stats
    Your stats tab tracks kills. Moo!...
    EuDemons: stats

    EuDemons: quest

    EuDemons: quest
    You are your own quest hub. Grab a quest out of your journal and be directed towards the next step automatically....
    EuDemons: quest

Eudemons - First Look

Eudemons - First Look

Eudemons Online is a pet based MMORPG hosted on's gaming portal. Eudemons Online is a pet themed MMORPG title, with over 100 unique Eudemons to choose from. There are thousands of different group combinations. Although Eudemons Online is a pet based game, it does feature traditional RPG mechanics and progression for your actual character, in effect, combining 2 great genres into 1 highly popular MMORPG title.

At the start of your Eudemons Online journey, you'll be able to summon up to 2 demons at a time. Demons progress in the same way as your main character, increasing their statistics as they gain more experience points and unlocking powerful abilities as they level up. Each Demon is totally unique in terms of appearance and progression, allowing you to construct a team of demons that compliments your personal play style. As you increase the level of your main character, you'll eventually be able to carry up to 3 demons with you, giving you the option of switching between battles based on the opponents you're fighting. Your demons can also be merged to create a far stronger demon, not all demons can be made in this way but if you're able to find the right combination, you could end up with an extremely powerful demon by your side.

You're not alone in your exploration of the Eudemons Online world. The game supports many social features such as an in-game chat and private messaging systems as well as a variety of highly popular guild features. If you're after more private social features, Eudemons Online has some of the most exciting available. Instead of the traditional greeting card and rose approach that other free online RPG games take, Eudemons Online allows you to send invitations to your loved ones to ride a horse together, or even fly through the various game maps on the back of an airborne multiplayer mount. That's a surefire way to impress the demon master of your dreams.

By Rachel Rosen


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