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  • Ether Saga: Classes

    Ether Saga: Classes
    This game contains 8 classes and most are very unique and well thought out....
    Ether Saga: Classes

    Ether Saga: Character Customization

    Ether Saga: Character Customization
    Very simplistic and minimal customization options however enough to design a unique looking character....
    Ether Saga: Character Customization

    Ether Saga: Skills

    Ether Saga: Skills
    The game offers a unique skill system and allows for easy organization of skills....
    Ether Saga: Skills

    Ether Saga: Combat

    Ether Saga: Combat
    Initial combat is simplistic but in the future chain-skill combat will be used....
    Ether Saga: Combat

Ether Saga Gameplay

Ether Saga Gameplay

Ether Saga Online (ESO) is a free mmorpg released in 2009. Ether Saga is developed and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The events take place in the land of Middle Kingdom. Humanity is starting to turn away from the gods. The Queen of Heaven decides to invite gods and a few mortals to a great event held in Heaven. The Peach Blossom Banquet is an attempt to restore humanity's faith in gods. However, a series of unfortunate events, like the breaking of the Divine Peach Wine Chalice and the disappearance of the Treasure of Heaven, make things even worse. All human races send their champions to regain the knowledge and wisdom needed to sanctify Heaven.

There are 3 Ether Saga races: Ren, Shenzu and Yaoh. Ren is the human race and they are on a quest to recover the pieces of the Divine Peach Wine Chalice. Shenzu are demigods on the hunt for a general, now reincarnated as a demon pig. Yaoh are actually beasts that have evolved. They seek the Sacred Ark. Ether Saga free online rpg has 8 playable classes. Each Ether Saga class can have multiple specializations. Maven is a magic class that can specialize as healer/support or dps. The Hellion is a fierce melee soldier. He can use 2 axes at a time to deal significant damage. A Rogue's favorite weapon is a dagger soaked in poison. The Mystic will use his healing abilities to support party members. The Shaman uses his hammer to keep enemies away and can also heal. The Conjurer is a ranged magic class with 2 dps specializations. The Dragoon equips heavy armor and is a tanking Ether Saga class. The Ranger is a classic ranged dps class. He uses a bow. All classes have the same stats. Different classes will prioritize different stats. Ether Saga main stats are: attack, defense, health and power. Each main stat boosts 2 secondary stats.

Pokari City is a place to start your Ether Saga adventures. You can speak to an NPC and join dungeon groups. In this city you can also talk to various NPCs and take part in daily events. Having a pet by your side is like having a personal healer or tank ready to help you. Ether Saga pets can deal damage too. Players can upgrade pets and improve their performance. Ether Saga has a feature that permits players to morph into defeated mobs and use their abilities. Ether Saga free rpg has PvP zones and players can duel each other.

By Rachel Rosen

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