Eternal Saga begins open beta

By Michael Jamias
eternal saga open beta launch

R2Games has just lifted the gates to the Eternal Saga open beta.

The free to play mmo will offers plenty of activities and distractions for open beta players. They can begin rolling new characters from the three rival factions -- Umbra, Luma or Astra -- and choose between the three classes of Warrior, Hunter or Mage.

Players can start completing daily activities to accumulate rewards and XP that will power up their Eternal Saga characters in preparation for the challenging dungeon runs.

There will also be PvP content in the form of Arena ladder matches, and the fun Legion Wars where a player can transform into a beast and wreak brutal havoc on enemies.

Players can explore the vast world of Eternal Saga on their first mount, a paper airplane. Developers have given a twist to mounts and made it more interactive by allowing it to munch on your old and useless equipment to grow stronger.

The mmorpg even has a fishing feature where the largest catch can be turned in for cool prizes and items.

Eternal Saga though is one of those rpg games online that will allow AFK leveling for VIP players, so players who abhor these kinds of pay-to-progress mechanics may want to proceed with caution. This is barely a surprise given that the browser game is being developed by a China-based developer, 4399 Studios.

The Eternal Saga open beta is limited only to the English language version. There is no timeline yet for other language versions.


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