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  • Eternal Saga: skills

    Eternal Saga: skills
    Upgrading skills has stat and level requirements as long as a silver cost. If you fulfill all of th requirements and have enough m...
    Eternal Saga: skills

    Eternal Saga: classes

    Eternal Saga: classes
    After about 5 to 10 minutes of exploring, players can choose one of 3 classes to play the rest of the game....
    Eternal Saga: classes

    Eternal Saga: pets

    Eternal Saga: pets
    Pets can be upgraded with fusion, training and equipment. Your first pet looks like a miniature Winny the Poo!...
    Eternal Saga: pets

    Eternal Saga: combat

    Eternal Saga: combat
    Combat is simplified for browser gameplay. Either click on an enemy to auto attack or use the appropriate hotkey to attack the nea...
    Eternal Saga: combat

Eternal Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Eternal Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Quest in a colorful fantasy world with Eternal Saga, the browser-based free mmorpg developed by 4399 Studios. As the Anointed One, it is up to the player to keep humanity from being exterminated by the invading demonic horde. Long ago, the Land of Enchantment belonged solely to the humans, but then the 72 Pillars of Magic fell from the sky over 6000 years ago. Any creature, be it man or beast, that touched the pillars became fallen demons under the command of the demon lords. The demonic host's numbers grew quickly and the great war between humanity and demons began. A few short centuries ago, humans formed the Holy Alliance and managed to stave off total annihilation. Now it is up to you, the player, to destroy the demonic menace once and for all.

Eternal Saga doesn't force you to pick a character class as soon as you begin playing. Instead, you play through a tutorial and pick up the basics of the game before you choose which class interests you most. There are three classes total for this mmorpg game: warrior, mage, and hunter. Warriors charge into the fray using melee combat and have a high defense. Mages use the power of the elements to inflict powerful long ranged attacks upon their enemies. Hunters use their bows to shoot at enemies from the shadows to inflict highly damaging critical hits. Each class has their own specific skill trees allowing the player to customize their playing style.

Players never need to be alone in Eternal Saga. Joining a party or guild is easy and quick. Guilds provide additional benefits such as guild-specific skills, guild-only auctions, and guild quests. Players can also have pets join them in their adventures. Pets have base attributes and skills that can help a player in combat. Players can upgrade their pets, resulting in higher attributes and new skills. The appearance of a pet can change over time as they increase in power, reflecting their greater prowess. You can even change your pet's base appearance by morphing different pets together.

There are lots of different activities for players to do in Eternal Saga. Players can take quests to defeat the numerous creatures in the game. For those looking for some dungeon delving, there are multiple dungeons for players to venture into such as Mount Lilith or Shangri-La. You can even enter fishing contests to win prizes. Players can also venture into the arena to engage in some PvP action and hopefully rise up the rankings. You can even gain xp by simply meditating.

Eternal Saga offers ample opportunity for adventure. This browser-based mmorpg lets players quest across a anime-style fantasy world, fighting dangerous creatures and dealing with colorful npcs.. If you get tired of walking, you can always use one of your mounts, such as the flying paper airplane!

By Jeff Francis


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