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  • Eternal Lands: character

    Eternal Lands: character
    My elf is ready to enter the world of Eternal Lands. This appears to be a skill based rather than level based game. So we do not p...
    Eternal Lands: character

    Eternal Lands: wraith

    Eternal Lands: wraith
    This wraith helps us out on the newbie island. We can buy skills and stats from him....
    Eternal Lands: wraith

    Eternal Lands: combat

    Eternal Lands: combat
    Approach enemies and double click on them to attack. There are not many active abilities at first so just sit back and auto attack...
    Eternal Lands: combat

    Eternal Lands: inn

    Eternal Lands: inn
    You can buy and sell goods at the inn. After a hard day of killing beavers and chickens, I need an ale!...
    Eternal Lands: inn

Eternal Lands Gameplay

Eternal Lands Gameplay

Eternal Lands is a free online rpg, created by indie developer Radu Privantu and published by Eternal Lands. Eternal Lands looks and plays like an old school rpg. The setting is a fantasy, middle age world named Draia. This world is divided in two main zones: Seridia and Irilion. Seridia is a starting zone and Irilion is for players already familiar with Eternal Lands. Gameplay is varied and tailored to suit different play styles. There are 38 areas that can be explored, quests and other PvE content, in some areas player killing is allowed, crafting features and player interaction. Hardcore PvP players can choose the special PvP server where players can attack each other in every Eternal Lands zone. There are official events but players can create their own events too.

Eternal Lands races are representative for the fantasy mmo genre. Unfortunately, 3 of them are locked for non-paying Eternal Lands members. Humans can adapt any environment to their needs. They are a versatile race and can find a way out of almost any situation. Elves are an educated race and live long lives. They value nature and never waste more resources than needed. Elves have an in born repulsion for everything that's evil. Dwarves are not an adventurous race. They would rather stay in their caves and spend time crafting. They are famous jewelcrafters. Gnomes make up for their small stature with their inquiring mind. Although not as talented as Dwarves, Gnomes are craftsmen too. Draegoni are humans with some dragon characteristics. They live in distant cold areas. Orchans have 2 life principles: strength and honor. They are fierce and brave in battle. Eternal Lands free mmo characters have 12 skills that can be mixed to create different character builds. Eternal Lands skills are: attack, defense, ranging, magic, engineering, tailoring, alchemy, harvesting, crafting, manufacturing, potion and summoning. Crafting skills can be used to boost your Eternal Lands income.

Items can be divided into 5 categories: armors and weapons, resources, potions, magical items and outfits. Items can be crafted, earned as rewards for completing quests, bought from other players or dropped by mobs and bosses. Eternal Lands has a wide array of creatures from common horses to unicorns and dragons. Eternal Lands mmorpg has its own time system and calendar. It's very similar to our real calendar but months and days have fantasy names. Eternal Lands cash shop has quite an item selection. Some items can provide benefits for players while others are purely for aesthetical purposes. Other Eternal Lands services like character name change can be purchased as a premium feature.

By Rachel Rosen

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