End of Nations schedules final, NDA-free closed beta on October 4

By Michael Jamias
end of nations fourth closed beta

End of Nations' fourth and final closed beta begins October 4, and will mark the lifting of that pesky NDA.

What this means for End of Nations fans is that from October 4 (4:00 PM) to October 8 (5:00 PM), they can talk about and share details on the free strategy rpg to anyone who’s willing to listen.

“Players will be able to celebrate their greatest victories, and lament their crushing defeats, by sharing videos, live streams, battle screens, and comments about their final closed beta experience,” according to End of Nations developer Trion Worlds in a release announcement.

All participants in the final closed beta will receive 500 in-game promotional credits, which can be used to purchase items and services when the strategy rpg launches “later this year.”

But cash shop credits aside, the closed beta event offers a slew of new game features and maps that should be incentives in and of themselves. These include the Full Boar map where players can try to take down the ultimate target – a gargantuan Panzer Hulk unit. There will also be two four-player PvE Co-op maps – Comp-Stomp and the Juggernaut. Then, for the massive campaign lovers, the 56-player map called Deep Freeze.

First-time players joining this End of Nations beta can easily pick up the tricks of the military trade through a brand-new tutorial mode. The tutorial mode is also a great refresher for those who want a skills refresher in playing the MMO.

Click here to sign up for access to the beta event.


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