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end of nations moba transitional changes aren t as drastic as you d think they are
Relax, stay calm and put those confounded pitchforks back against the wall. Everything's going to be just fine with End of Nations as it transitions from a straight-up strategy RPG to more of a strategy-MOBA hybrid, and the changes aren't quite that extreme in the grand scheme of things. While it may be a fine thought to believe that our friends at Trion Worlds have given the game a royal screw job in the transition, we're here to tell you that t...
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Jul 20 2013
End of Nations Reopens Alpha
End of Nations, which was a military-themed MMORTS from TRION Worlds last time we heard from it, seems to be heading in a slightly different direction these days. The alpha has reopened, and has brought with it some changes, bringing quite a few more MOBA features into the mix. In fact, it's starting to feel much more MOBA than MMORTS these days. An official press release detailed some of the changes: "Gamers will notice dramatically smaller tea...
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Jul 19 2013
end of nations second alpha
End of Nations gets a second Alpha test now with faster combat and a streamlined UI, among other improvements. The upgrades as End of Nations developer Trion Worlds received critical feedback on the tactical MOBA game. "Gamers will notice dramatically smaller teams of two to four players, more focused objectives, better balance, more emphasis on commander abilities and four new classes to choose from, which will substantially improve matchmakin...
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Jul 18 2013
end of nations fourth closed beta
End of Nations' fourth and final closed beta begins October 4, and will mark the lifting of that pesky NDA. What this means for End of Nations fans is that from October 4 (4:00 PM) to October 8 (5:00 PM), they can talk about and share details on the free strategy rpg to anyone who’s willing to listen. “Players will be able to celebrate their greatest victories, and lament their crushing defeats, by sharing videos, live streams, battle screens, ...
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Sep 20 2012