Winter Vacation Enhancement Event Underway for Elsword

By Jeff Francis
Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event underway

Some may view the holiday season as a time to spend time with family and enjoy some much-needed downtime. Of course, mmo gamers march to a different beat and know that this is the time to get some great gaming in. Elsword players can spend the next week making sure that their equipment is greatly enhanced for some dungeon-bashing action. The Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event is now underway and lasts through January 10th.

Elsword costumes

The Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event allows players to quickly and easily enhance their character's gear. The required amount of materials needed to upgrade a piece of gear has been decreased to one, which should give players plenty of opportunity to buff up their gear. Players who log in for 10 minutes or more during the Elsword event will also gain some nifty items, such as Blessed Fluorite Ore or a Blessed Restoration Scroll.

Players who login for at least 30 minutes during the Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event will earn a Moonlight Enhancement Equipment Cube, which contains a +7 Moonlight Enhancement Weapon and a +7 Moonlight Enhancement Armor. For those mmorpg players who make 50 enhancement attempts during this Elsword event will get a Master's Hammer Accessory, and those who make 100 enhancement attempts will get a Legendary Moon Rabbit (Sunglasses) Costume Suit. Enhancement packages are also on sale, and players can also buy the new Frost Pixie costumes.


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