Elsword's wedding system has arrived

By Tam Mageean
elsword wedding

Here's one for all the mmo romantics, just in time for Valentine's Day!

After wave after wave of community appeal, the Elsword wedding system has finally arrived. In line with so many popular, Korean mmo games, Elsword is going to allow players to take a break from the side-scrolling, monster mashing action and hardcore combo crunching, to let player back in the glow of "The Wedding Fantasy".

From today, until February 25th, players will be able to tie the two-dimensional knot in hold matrimony, complete with exclusive quests for wedded couples.

In addition, special wedding Phoru accessories are available on sale, and wedded couples will receive special clothing, rewards and trial items for taking part in the event.

To get married to one of your Elsword buddies, you'll have to first obtain and complete a marriage application form, stating your partner to be, and players will be rewarded with cake, champagne and a contract in true wedding tradition.

As a couple, you will need to recover stolen wedding clothes, go on a "Sweet and Scary Dungeon Date" and PvP with other married couples to obtain your special, event-only items.

Still looking for somebody to marry in Elsword? Maybe you should take part in Elsword's other new event, Operation Valentine, which also launches today. You never know, you may meet your one and only!


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