Elsword reveals new grenade-hurling Veteran Commander class

By Michael Jamias
elsword veteran commander class

Elsword gets its own Rambo with the Veteran Commander class that throws grenades and fires flamethrowers via his robotic arm.

The Veteran Commander is an advanced class option for all Raven characters, and is the part of Transformation Evolution series that seeks to add a new class for each of the six Elsword characters. (Previous examples include Rena's Night Watcher class and Aisha's Battle Magician class.)

This Raven Veteran Commander class trailer shows the new fighter's explosive potential:

As seen in the video, the Veteran Commander uses his powerful Nasod robotic arm to unleash a barrage of grenades, blasts and flamethrower combos at his enemies.

The Veteran Commander also improves on the existing overheat abilities of Raven, introducing stronger abilities while in overheat mode. MMORPG brawlers will be able to chain his slashing sword attacks with his flame assaults to slice a huge chunk a health off their targets.

In explaining the rpg lore of the Veteran Commander, developer Kill3rCombo explained that Raven defeated the most powerful foes in the Elsword world in order to scavenge their parts and upgrade his weapon arm after realizing that it was deteriorating after constant use. Now equipped with the "faster, more fire-resistant" arm model, Raven has become a more destructive, almost unstoppable force.


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