Secret Dungeon: Temple of Trials Released for Elsword

By Jeff Francis
Elsword Temple of Trials

Dungeon delving is heating up for Elsword players. The Secret Dungeon system for players level 60 and above for the mmorpg is getting a massive overhaul. Part of that overhaul is the new Secret Dungeon: Temple of Trials as it's released for Elsword gamers. Players will have to travel to Hamel and complete all the dungeons on Very Hard difficulty before they're able to enter the Temple of Trials. You'll need a Luto's Secret Key to enter the dungeon, gained by killing monsters and finishing dungeons.

Like all Secret Dungeons in the Elsword mmo, the Temple of Trials has two difficulty levels: Normal and Hell. It takes one Luto's Secret Key to gain entrance on Normal difficulty, and two keys are required if you're looking to conquer it on Hell difficulty.

Elsword Temple of Trials

The Temple of Trials in Elsword is filled with vicious beasts and monsters, but there is an ally. Players may find Sasha, the Water Priestess, at their side, and her blessing will reduce the damage taken while she's present. The foes are many in the Temple of Trials and include: the Guardian Knight of Trials, Guardian Magic of Trials, and the Shadow Characters. The dungeon's boss is the fallen guardian, Helputt. Once a stalwart defender of Hamel, Helputt has fallen from grace and is now ruled by demons.

Players can earn a prestigious new title by completing 199 runs of the Temple of Trials. The Colossus's Liberator title has quite a few perks for Elsword players, such as an increase to attack speed, an increase to critical, additional damage to Helputt, and more. So gird your loins and venture into the Secret Dungeon: Temple of Trials today to test your mettle.


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