Elsword now on Steam

By Michael Jamias
elsword steam launch

The free to play mmo and sidescrolling rpg Elsword has landed on Steam.  

Developer Kill3rCombo is marking the Elsword Steam launch with special time-limited deals for those who choose to download the game via the popular digital games platform.

Elsword Steam users will receive exclusive in-game titles that also bestow powerful bonuses.

Elsword Steam users will be given a bonus 5% for each purchase of $50 worth of Elsword currency and 10% for each purchase of $100.

Only Elsword accounts created through Steam will receive the above power perks and currency extras.

Even friends of Elsword Steam users will get some of windfall. Players who party with Elsword Steam users will qualify to earn random prizes.

Elsword went through the grueling Greenlight screening process where it had to secure enough support from Steam users who want to see the game distributed on the platform.

The Steam release for Elsword could not come at a better time as developers have just introduced a hefty update, which includes a brand new class to each of the game's six specialized and customizable characters. Players have also  been drawn to the MMO for its exciting skill-based PvP mode, and expansive cel-shaded PvE world consisting of 50 distinct areas and counting.


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