Elsword Has a New Secret Dungeon, And It’s a Nightmare

By Michael Jamias
elsword secret dungeon velders hallucination

Elsword takes us into the creeptastic corridors of Velder’s Hallucination, the latest secret dungeon to be added to the manga-inspired free online rpg.

Secret dungeons in Elsword represent some of the most difficult challenges for the sidescroller action brawler, and this new one does not disappoint, according to developer Kill3rCombo.  Velder’s Hallucination “thrusts players into a nightmarish world filled with titanic bosses that tower over the landscape.”

“Players will also have access to new gameplay tricks to turn back the tide of evil, such as the invulnerability cauldron,” Kill3rCombo added. Teamwork will be especially crucial in beating the devilishly hard secret dungeon, the developer said.

As a reward for beating Velder’s Hallucination, adventurers will earn commensurate gear rewards – in this case, new level 60 items that are said to be some of the most powerful yet in the mmo.

For those needing a break in between the punishing runs, there will be pirate-themed rpg events filling up the screen starting September 12 which will last for around two weeks.

The addition of Velder’s Hallucination is the second part of a three-phase gameplay revamp for Elsword, with the first having already rebalanced and enhanced PvP play. The third and final part will be launched sometime this month.


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