Elsword opens up Sander desert world

By Michael Jamias
elsword sander world release

Brave the desert kingdom of Sander, but beware of the blistering heat and treacherous harpies.

Sander is known across the Elsword world as a thriving trading hub, but troublesome tribes are pestering the townsfolk and are threatening to embroil the peaceful kingdom into war.

Here's where you Elsword heroes come in to try and help the embattled trading hub gain a semblance of peace and continued prosperity (and of course, you can expect shiny new weapons and armor, as well as pretty piles of mmorpg coin for lending a helping hand!)

The Sander content patch not only introduces a brand-new mission and leveling hub, it also increases the action online rpg's level cap to 64 and unlocks wind-based gameplay. (Developers say you can "soar through the air to get a breath-taking view of the sun-drenched lands").

In terms of story, players will arrive at Sander seeking the wind priestess Anduran to get some clues on the main storyline involving the search for El. But the priestess has been kidnapped by the tribes surrounding Sander for an unknown reason, and you must save the priestess and uncover the dark plot afoot.

For a more visual guide on what's to come in this sun-drenched update, watch the Sander trailer unveiled in the past weekend:


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