Elsword's Rose Suits Up For Mecha Battle In New Job Path

By Michael Jamias
elsword rose metal heart optimus

If every rose has its thorn, Elsword's Rose has a metallic one that's been newly acquired with the release of her fourth selectable job path.

The Elsword Rose fourth job path opens up the option to become a Metal Heart at level 15, transforming rose into a robo commander.

The Metal Heart job path specializes in summoning an array of robo-attack apparatuses, which then allow her to rapidly fire upon targets. Like in arcade games, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing you can call a hero friend to fire a missile barrage of at the press of a button.

Upon reaching the rpg level 35, Rose can then advance from her Metal Heart job to the mecha punisher known as Optimus.

The Optimus job path packs an explosive arsenal that includes glowing discs of death, desdroid mechas and lock-on lasers. When maximum destruction is required, Optimus can also activate the Mech Volt MX hyperactive skill that calls upon a mech that rains down lasers and missiles on enemies then goes on to protect Rose from incoming attacks.

Along with the release of the Elsword Metal Heart and Optimus jobs, the mmorpg welcomes with loving arms the cuddly and loyal Corgi mount.


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