Elsword's Rose Takes Up Heavy Barrel And Storm Trooper Jobs

By Michael Jamias
elsword rose first class jobs

Elsword's newest rpg hero Rose debuts her first class path with a cannon bang and bullet barrage, speccing into either the Heavy Barrel or Storm Trooper jobs.

Both jobs focus on using heavy munitions and dealing massive direct damage, but each one has its own distinct brand of wanton destruction.

For example, the Elsword Rose Heavy Barrel job prefers the explosiveness and screen-spanning beams of large hand cannons, while the Elsword Rose Storm Trooper job unleashes a rain of bullets and missiles.

This trailer shows you exactly how Rose can decimate enemies with her explosive new jobs:

Both jobs also sync well with Rose's all new ECP combat system which allows her to switch between four weapon types. As seen in the trailer, both jobs can also enter into a powerful Over Strike mode.

With the release of the new Rose jobs, the MMORPG marks the occasion with special events. When players complete the Heavy Barrel or Storm Trooper job change, they can earn an extra 50% EXP when leveling up their trigger-happy unlocks.

There will also be a 300% EXP weekend event, activating twice per day for two hours, fast-tracking progress for lucky enough to catch the sweet spot.


Elsword comments:

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