Elsword reveals the swing-and-shoot Night Watcher class

By Michael Jamias
elsword night watcher class trailer

Plenty of things make the Night Watcher class unique, such as being the first female swordsman-slash-archer in Elsword.

The Night Watcher, an evolution class of the Trapping Ranger, can dish out faster melee attacks on top of her elite trapping and archery skills, making her a multi-distance threat in the fantasy mmorpg.

Publisher Kill3rCombo has also dropped the Rena Night Watcher trailer that displays the devastating combos this new class can inflict on enemies.

Gripping a sword on her right hand and a bow on her left, the Night Watcher is quite flexible in combat, with options to snipe targets from afar or get up close to unleash her slashing attack sequence.

The Night Watcher also provides a gripping storyline for fans of the free rpg. The tale centers on Rena, a veteran Trapping Ranger who has been sent on a mission to save the Ponggos.

During her mission she gets into a tussle with the gigantic King Nasod. She defeats him but only after a grueling fight that shatters her blade. The ever-grateful Ponggos then reforge her broken blade into a more powerful long sword. This unlocks more of her close combat potential, and also boosts her confidence to lead the defense of Elrios as a stalwart Night Watcher.

An Eldoodle Fanart contest has also been launched to ramp up the excitement for Rena's latest evolution.


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