Elsword mount system gallops to live servers

By Michael Jamias
elsword mount system goes live

Saddle up, Elsword fans! Your favorite mmorpg has caught up with the times and has finally introduced a mount system.

Instead of walking, you can now ride mounts to zip to and from villages at 25% faster speed. Mounts not only make traveling quicker in the sidescrolling rpg more, but riding one also buffs up your defense and HP recovery against enemy attacks.

Each of the three launch day mounts -- the Cockatigle, Moby Chariot RT and Ancient Phoru – even performs attacks that can clear out the pesky mobs that block your path. See them in action in this Elsword mounts trailer:

We won't spoil it for you, but one of them fires out heat-seeking missiles, the other shoots laser flares while the last one coughs up an incinerator death-breath.

Your trusty mounts will stay by your side almost anywhere you go, from villages to fields to dungeons.

If mounts seem too good to free, well you're right. They need to be purchased at the item mall, but developers have formed the Pro Rider Club that gives seven days of free limited trial so that you can see which of the three mounts you'd like to keep by your side.


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