Elsword's new mission dungeons are most difficult ever

By Michael Jamias
elsword mission dungeons

The new mission dungeons represent six of the hardest obstacle-based instances in Elsword.

Elsword mission dungeons offer bored RPG Games veterans who seek dangerous trials that will test their honed battle and platform movement skills.

“These brand new levels provide the ultimate challenge for veteran Elsword experts,” said free to play mmo developer Kill3rCombo.

Each of the six new mission dungeons will take players to task, requiring precise time attack combos and perfect puzzle navigation to complete the dungeon under the time limit. Under this immense time pressure, players have little leeway for mistakes as they try to complete their missions while also discovering the secret bonuses tucked away in all dungeons.

Dungeons will be made available on a weekday rotation – one of the six can be access each day of the week – while on weekends all six will be open for exploration. To motivate players, a competitive leaderboard has been developed that will show the time trial rankings for each day. The rankings will be refreshed every 24 hours, allowing players plenty of chances to become the mission dungeon king for day.

Kill3rCombo promises a variety of themes across the six dungeons: escaping laser beam-filled ordeals, climbing peaks while avoiding rolling boulders, and jumping across icy chasms of death.


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