Elsword Level Cap Raised to 60, Final Hamel Dungeons Revealed

By Michael Jamias
elsword level cap 60

Elsword will see its level cap raised to 60 as adventurers of this free online rpg set off to explore the final three dungeons of the ongoing Hamel content saga.

Set in the namesake ancient city of Hamel, the new dungeon challenges launching this week will take Elsword heroes down the icy caverns of Magmanta’s Cave, through the mystical Temple of Frozen Water and to the final pit stop, the Halls of Water, where a demonic mini-boss awaits.

“In Magmanta’s Cave, players must battle deep into the icy lair of the vile Magmanta, a massive spider with sub-zero breath. Players should have no trouble keeping their cool as they venture into the Temple of Frozen Water, where the other-worldly priest Avalanche lies in wait. Environmental hazards abound in the temple, and players will need to be nimble to stay alive,” described Elsword developer Kill3rCombo in a release.

“Finally, players will need the higher level cap for the Halls of Water and the ultimate showdown with Ran, leader of the shadow demons, in a mini-boss rich dungeon that combines new bosses with some familiar foes from previous worlds,” added the developer, which also runs the sidescroller rpg, Grand Chase, and online brawler, Fighters Club.

Ninja costumes also sneak their way into the MMORPG, with ninja-themed events and items scheduled in the coming weeks.


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