Elsword adds Halloween Banquet Room dungeon

By Michael Jamias
elsword halloween banquet room

You're invited to the Elsword Halloween Banquet Room. But beware -- the main course is you.

Creepy monsters and ghastly fiends have planned a delicious ambush for you and your Elsword buddies. Just when you were expecting a generous spread, you get the frightening kind -- waves of enemies that come bursting into the banquet.

Survive long enough through the onslaught and you get to score sweet Halloween rewards including all-new freaktastic costume sets.

Among the new Halloween costume sets, our unabashed favorite is the mummy-inspired getup shown in this post's thumbnail which wraps your hero in rune-inscripted bandages. A close second is the devilishly sexy Lilith-like costume set complete with delicate lace wings.

The Halloween Banquet Room event dungeon is the culminating mmorpg content for this season of spooks. The free online rpg action sidescroller has spent the past month rolling out a scream-inducing stream of events, prizes and activities.

If you're just getting into the swing of Elsword's Halloween activities, feel free to explore outside the dungeon because there's still time to trick-and-treat for exclusive item packs, costumes and super cute fairy pets. Speaking of your fairy pet, remember to evolve her into a fairy queen so she can unleash a special pumpkin attack that just might save your hide when you attempt the frantic Halloween Banquet Room dungeon.


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