Elsword revamps Gate of Darkness dungeon

By Michael Jamias
elsword gate of darkness dungeon revamp

The popular Gate of Darkness event dungeon has been overhauled into a hellishly difficult tower defense mission.

Players now need to push back tides of demons emerging from the portal gate that links Elrios to the darkest realms of the Elsword universe.

Watch the Gates of Darkness trailer to see its diabolical transformation:

The dungeon is now designed for parties of at least four mmorpg players, but those that cannot meet the minimum number of players will be bolstered by special AI heroes such as Low, Lime and Penensio.

If all this realm protection business seems too daunting for your foursome party, well, you'll be glad to hear that you can summon giant allies to fight with you.

These allies replace your usual consumable slots, and only three of them can be summoned per Gate of Darkness dungeon attempt, so use them wisely. There are three kinds of allies available -- Magician, Ancient Phoru or Taravansh -- each with its unique powers to contribute to your portal defense.

Succeed in crushing the invading demonic army, including its fiendish overlord boss, and you will earn wings and special gear found nowhere else in the online rpg. Each dungeon clear will give you 2 pieces from a pool of two dozen items, which include elixirs, Wyvern gear and rare stones.


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