Elsword's Elysion Continent Is Coming

By Michael Jamias
elsword elysion continent reveal

A new continent will soon be ripe for adventuring in Elsword. KOG Games has unveiled the Elsword Elysion continent, an electro-jungle realm that waits beyond the demonic fire lands of the Distant Ruins.

"The pathway to Elysion pulses with an electro-dream state that fuses the wildest aspects of a jungle adventurer's imagination with that of a sci-fi epic of untold parallels; electric veins of silicon and synapse line bark and hid alike," describes the mmo studio of the dreamy but also dangerous new continent.

Take a peek at the poisonous perils of this ancient Nasod city in this Elsword Elysion trailer:

Like other previous continents, Elysion is dotted with dungeons like the Diceon Mines and Atlas City that are filled with mechanical and florescent beasts. Heroes might at first enter the continent with eye-opening wonder but this should soon turn to fear as they witness the techno-wildlife that hunts prey with savagery, and the projectiles and explosions that rock the land.

In addition to the new continent, the upcoming Elsword Elysion update also raises the level cap to 85, although leveling will be a tougher climb as experience gains required to level up gets nerfed. Those looking to catch up though can take advantage of the double experience and drop rate Fever event over the coming weekend. And to help strengthen rpg heroes for the challenges ahead, item stats will also be receiving an expansive balance update.


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