Elsword Coming to UK This Week

By Josh Wirtanen
Elsword Coming to UK

Elsword, the anime-style sidescroller MMO from KOG Studios, has proven quite popular in Europe. It's been available in Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Polish versions, and this week it will finally be getting an English version.

That's right, Elsword launches in the UK on July 17. This version of the game will feature all of the updates that have been implemented thus far, and regular expansions are planned for the coming months.

So what exactly is Elsword? An official press release describes it: "Elsword is set in a world that draws its energy from the mythical Eldrit Stone. One day, this stone fractured and the shards were spread out in all directions. It’s now the task of the players to reunite these shards and to then ensure the survival of the world of Elsword."

So how do you do that? "To accomplish this task, the players must fight their way through diverse worlds full of mean monsters and other dangers. Gameplay is fast and action-focused. The heroes of Elsword have numerous skills and combos at their disposal with which they can take down their opponents in best beat’em up fashion."

While the game does play in a 2D style, it still features the MMO elements we've come to expect, like PvP and Guilds.

Elsword is free to play.

Elsword Comes to the UK


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