Elsword's Code Battle Seraph Class Unleashed

By Josh Wirtanen
Elsword's Code Battle Seraph Class Unleashed

Elsword, the popular action MMORPG from Kill3rCombo, is in the middle of its Transformation Evolution, which is bringing several major changes to the game. The newest update brings a new class for character Eve.

The new class, Code Battle Seraph, is described in a press release: "Eve becomes an angel of destruction as she doubles the number of modes used to manipulate lasers and obliterates her enemies with deadly force." Woah, that sounds pretty powerful.

Eve Transforms

Code Battle Seraph brings two new modes to the laser power of Code Electra. First is Reactive Mode, which "generates an optical force field allowing the electrifying beams to home in on targets at the cost of reduced damage." Then there's Fusion mode, which "fuses her three other special modes together for intensely devastating beams that travel farther, home in on targets, and can strike enemies twice."

And there's some pretty cool lore to justify this Evolution too. Here's more from the press release: "Once Eve mastered Code Electra, the queen of a lost robotic race looked for a way to upgrade her abilities. Her search even drove her to confront the Nasod king for the final piece of an advanced code. However, the greatest trial still lay ahead. Just as she completed the code, it began to malfunction. After debugging, she realized the code was conflicting with the emotional bonds she had formed with Elsword and his team. She chose to delete all of her emotions so she could restore glory to the Nasod Kingdom as a Code Battle Seraph."

Elsword is free to play.


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