Chung's Tactical Trooper class explodes into Elsword

By Michael Jamias
elsword chung tactical trooper

Capable of firing endless cannon blasts, Chung's Tactical Trooper class is ready to shake up the online rpg.

Elsword fans that control the character Chung can now evolve him into the new Tactical Trooper class, described as a super-charged version of the Shelling Guardian, and a cannon master with limitless energy to bombard targets. When enemies come in close – and they should be plenty hurt by then from the long-range bombardment – the Tactical Trooper class then finishes them off with his mobile artillery.

Catch this new class perform his slam-and-shoot combos in the Chung Tactical Trooper trailer below:

The Tactical Trooper delivers a deadlier cannon blast combo, upgraded to five attack chains from the usual three allowed in other Chung classes. It also serves as a sturdier tank with his force field that recharges allies and robotic mortar helper that assists in his bombardment.

Where does the Tactical Trooper in the grand scheme of the mmorpg? Lore aficionados will find a gripping revenge quest storyline wherein Chung upgrades his Destroyer cannon using the schematics his corrupted father left behind. Players will follow Chung's journey in finding a way to use his father's work in the name of justice, and his trial-filled path to becoming a full-fledged Tactical Trooper.


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