Elsword Unveils Chung’s Advanced Classes

By Michael Jamias
elsword chung advanced classes

Elsword players can now wreak havoc as a Deadly Chaser or an Iron Paladin, the two advanced job classes for the blast-happy guardian Chung.

Chung is the newest character in Elsword, and players can choose to hone his cannon aim by specializing as a Deadly Chaser. Deadly Chasers gain the ability to dual-wield two revolvers at once, and also unlock additional speed and stealth skills, which make him a lethal ranged opponent in PVP, said developer Kill3rCombo.

Tank lovers can opt to advance Chung as an Iron Paladin, which as its name implies, is built to soak in damage. The Iron Paladin wears the magic-infused legendary armor Freitunier and adopts an indomitable defense to ensure survival during MMO dungeon runs. PvP-wise, Iron Paladins can go on the offensive by pounding foes with powerful melee attacks.

Watch the trailer below to see how each advanced class measures up when fighting in the free online rpg.

For those too pre-occupied with other rpg games to train a Deadly Chaser or Iron Paladin, Kill3rCombo offers a bonus incentive: "Players looking to try out Chung’s newest classes will be treated to bonus EXP and a free weapon, available for a limited time."


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