Elsword Ropes In Bloodia And Crimson Job Paths For Rose

By Michael Jamias
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They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but in the case of Elsword's Rose, that other name is decidedly Western and wily.

KOG Games has unveiled the Elsword Bloodia Rose and Elsword Crimson Rose jobs, and both are ready for a wild, wild shoot-out.

This minute-long trailer shows the Bloodia Rose and Crimson Rose tearing through waves of foes like the bad ass babes that they are.

As her name suggests, the Bloodia job has no qualms getting smeared by her opponents' blood when she comes in to pummel and kick them to submission. Bloodia can quickly close distances, execute deadly kick combinations and dispose of targets with her quick draw fire. Players will be able to unlock the Bloodia job at level 15.

Meanwhile, when sidescrolling mmorpg fans hit level 30, they can get access to the Crimson Rose. The 50 Shades of Grey franchise has nothing on this girl, wielding bullets and chains in a violently punishing dance. The Crimson Rose is especially designed to dominate the mid-game and provide PvP lockdown, and there's just satisfying about her "come over here" rpg fighting style.


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