Battle Magician class breaks into Elsword

By Michael Jamias
elsword battle magician class

Armed with both spells and physical attacks, the new Battle Magician class brings her hybrid arsenal to wreak havoc in Elsword.

The new class for the free to play mmo will be accessible through the character Aisha, making her dish out a wide range of punishing close quarter blows and blast opponents to smithereens with magical energy.

“Battle Magician is a striking departure for the ranged caster Aisha, who can now go toe-to-toe in melee rumbles. This makes Aisha more versatile and unpredictable in both PvE and PvP modes," said Elsword publisher Kill3rCombo.

Those who have trained long and hard to master Aisha as a ranged caster will have half of their work cut out for them. The Battle Magician class still retains the powerful magical attacks that have become a signature of Aisha while offering improved melee abilities. Aisha players will now have to practice wading into the frontlines at times to dole out the most damage through spell-and-attack combos.

Kill3Combo said that aside from Aisha, other characters in the fantasy free rpg will also receive their respective new classes in future updates, which are a part of the grand Elsword Transformation update planned out for the next few months.


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