Ara Haan's second job blinks into Elsword

By Michael Jamias
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Last month Kill3rCombo unleashed the spear maiden Ara Haan in Elsword, and fans have been leveling her up non-stop over the holidays.

Plenty have been itching to see her next evolution after the basic and first job -- and here it is: Sakra Devanam, Ara Haan's second job.

Sakra Devanam might be a mouthful so you might want to settle for "blink battle mistress." At least we did after watching this Sakra Devanam class trailer:

When she evolves into a Sakra Devanam, Ara Haan gains superfast blink attacks, as well as increased attack range and speed that can make her a slippery, almost untouchable target in the sidescrolling online rpg.

Mobs won't know what hit them or even where they'll get hit next since Ara Haan can disappear and re-appear to strike again and again like a chain lightning bolt.

Ara Haan has also acquired Tiger Arts, which makes her Sakra Devanam form quite a beastly martial arts fighter.

But what does Sakra Devanam mean exactly? According to the mmo lore given by the developers, Sakra Devanam is the name of a legendary god. The nine-tailed fox guide Eun bestowed Ara Haan the god's name to strengthen and embolden the orphaned spear savant.


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