Elsword ends the year with Ara Haan character release

By Michael Jamias
elsword ara haan release

Reserving its best surprise for last, Kill3rCombo has released Ara Haan for Elsword -- and she's ready to poke her way into your bias hero list.

Ara Haan joins as the resident fox lady and seventh playable character in the game. But don't underestimate her just because she has a pretty little face. Ara Haan is a certified spear savant, capable of punching holes in your torso before you can finish saying "What a long pointy weapon..."

Prepare to be mesmerized by her slick combo moves in this Ara Haan official trailer:

Kill3rCombo designed Ara Haan by combining exotic Far East warrior lore and cool martial arts moves. Basically, she's Bruce Lee reincarnated in digital form with a special dislike for demons.

See, a demon horde killed Ara Haan's family, and she only managed to survive with the help of an enigmatic nine-tailed fox named Eun. Ara Haan agrees to help free Eun from its magical pin prison, while the latter assists investigating the demon attack.

MMO gamers who choose to play as Ara Haan will embark on this storyline of mystical camaraderie and revenge.

Ara Haan also serves as the welcome back enticement for returning players. Those who have not logged in to the online rpg since October 1 can join the event, roll a new Ara Haan character, and level her up like crazy until the New Year day arrives.

If you reach level 15 by then, you earn 150 K-Ching to exchange for cool items. Reaching level 35 earns you an additional 350 K-Ching, and a chance to win the exclusive Ara Haan Chibi that's sure to make anime fanboys weep.


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