Elsword's Ara Haan turns into a Little Devil

By Michael Jamias
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Elsword's resident fox lady Ara Haan discovers her dark side when she takes up the Little Devil job path.

When she chooses the specialize into a Little Devil, Ara Haan will be able to punctuate her high speed, burst damage with explosive dark magic combat arts. Once she reaches level 35, the Little Devil can advance into the Yama Raja 2nd job for more devastating demonic powers.

Watch Ara Haan give evil a taste of its own menacing medicine in this official Little Devil and Yama Raja trailer:

As a Yama Raja, you'll be able to cast dark spirit orbs and inflict painful Secret Rakshasa Arts. For the ultimate damage output, Ara Haan channels her nine-tailed fox spirit guide, Eun, to temporarily transcend into a terrifying fighting goddess.

Based on the Elsword rpg lore, Ara Haan discovers the path to Yama Raja while trying to defeat the demonic legion known as the Little Devil.

Ara Haan uncovers chronicles in ancient catacombs that help her master forbidden dark martial arts, according to the official mmo back story for the new 2nd job. She reads the tomes and unlocks access to evil powers from within but at the cost of the noble abilities she inherited from her clan."Embracing this dangerous path, she cultivates sinister abilities that may help her defeat anyone and anything."


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