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Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event underway
Some may view the holiday season as a time to spend time with family and enjoy some much-needed downtime. Of course, mmo gamers march to a different beat and know that this is the time to get some great gaming in. Elsword players can spend the next week making sure that their equipment is greatly enhanced for some dungeon-bashing action. The Elsword Winter Vacation Enhancement event is now underway and lasts through January 10th.The Elsword W...
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Dec 29 2016
elsword rose metal heart optimus
If every rose has its thorn, Elsword's Rose has a metallic one that's been newly acquired with the release of her fourth selectable job path. The Elsword Rose fourth job path opens up the option to become a Metal Heart at level 15, transforming rose into a robo commander.The Metal Heart job path specializes in summoning an array of robo-attack apparatuses, which then allow her to rapidly fire upon targets. Like in arcade games, there is a ce...
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Jul 28 2016
elsword bloodia crimson rose jobs
They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but in the case of Elsword's Rose, that other name is decidedly Western and wily. KOG Games has unveiled the Elsword Bloodia Rose and Elsword Crimson Rose jobs, and both are ready for a wild, wild shoot-out. This minute-long trailer shows the Bloodia Rose and Crimson Rose tearing through waves of foes like the bad ass babes that they are.As her name suggests, the Bloodia job has no qua...
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Jun 30 2016
elsword rose first class jobs
Elsword's newest rpg hero Rose debuts her first class path with a cannon bang and bullet barrage, speccing into either the Heavy Barrel or Storm Trooper jobs. Both jobs focus on using heavy munitions and dealing massive direct damage, but each one has its own distinct brand of wanton destruction. For example, the Elsword Rose Heavy Barrel job prefers the explosiveness and screen-spanning beams of large hand cannons, while the Elsword Rose Storm...
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Jun 16 2016
elsword elysion continent reveal
A new continent will soon be ripe for adventuring in Elsword. KOG Games has unveiled the Elsword Elysion continent, an electro-jungle realm that waits beyond the demonic fire lands of the Distant Ruins. "The pathway to Elysion pulses with an electro-dream state that fuses the wildest aspects of a jungle adventurer's imagination with that of a sci-fi epic of untold parallels; electric veins of silicon and synapse line bark and hid alike," describ...
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Apr 07 2016
elsword perkisas raid phase 2
Elsword heroes will know the true rage of a dragon with the release of Phase 2 of the epic raid dungeon fight against the dragon Perkisas. The Elsword Perkisas phase 2 battle is harder and requires more coordination than the first phase. Perkisas is ticked off that adventurers were able to withstand his initial assault, and so he doubles down on his destructive rampage. Glimpse the grueling fight ahead in this trailer:Players will need to a...
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Mar 19 2016
elsword ara elesis revamps
Elsword revamps two of its female class characters Ara and Elesis, making them visually lovelier and functionally stronger than ever before. As the latest installment to the Season 2 update series, the Elsword Ara and Elesis revamps include new character concepts, illustrations, functionalities, and skill upgrades. MMO developers are introducing the sexier femme fatales with a new video made more palpable by the hard hitting instumentals of the...
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Feb 18 2016
elsword season 2 voice actors
Anime fans that have been playing the newly released Elsword Season 2 update will be psyched to learn that Rena and Elsword were voiced by the same actors in Bleach and Naruto. Elsword Season 2 brought on revamps for Rena and Elsword to make them up to par and competitive with newer classes, and the former is voiced by Christina Vee (Bleach, Sword Art Online) and the latter by Nicolas Roye (Naruto, Digimon.) The video below shows an insightful ...
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Jan 05 2016
elsword season 2 elsword rena revamps
KOG Games looks to end 2015 with a roaring bang with the release of Elsword Season 2 update, which includes the much-awaited revamps for Elsword and Rena. As two of the oldest characters aka classes in Elsword, the pair was overdue for some upgrades to keep them fresh and competitive compared to the mmorpg's newer classes -- and this update seemed to have delivered on this mission. You can watch the Elsword and Rena class revamp video for Elswo...
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Dec 17 2015
elsword prelude season 2 update
Christmas seems to have come early for Elsword fans with a bundle of new content unwrapped with the new patch. The Elsword Prelude to Season 2 Update implements a fun new starter experience and a fiery red dragon raid boss.Prior to this patch, the starter zone felt like it was only going through the motions of the typical rpg hero story, and many fans were left scratching their heads on why exactly you were out to save the world. With the ne...
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Dec 03 2015