ELOA shutting down again
It's quite rare for an mmorpg to get a second chance at life, but Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) was one of those rare games that did. Game&Game picked up the fantasy mmo after Webzen had dropped it last October. That second life was apparently short-lived as news of ELOA shutting down yet again have been officially posted by the publisher.Game&Game dropped the bombshell of ELOA shutting down in a very short post on the game's news pag...
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Aug 09 2017
ELOA now live under new ownership
It's extremely rare for an mmo to get a second chance of life after it's been shut down, but such is the case for ELOA. Webzen had shut down the game back in October, but another game company has stepped forward to breathe new life into it. Game&Game has announced that Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) is once again playable as the game is now live as of today.The revival of ELOA is open to players in North America, South America, Europe, and...
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Nov 17 2016
eloa summer event webzen 2016
The summer is sure to be a splashy one for fans of WEBZEN's mmo games as the publisher is unleashing a tidal wave of events and prizes for the sweltering season. The ELOA summer event, for example, will reward players that return to the fold with settlement support items. There will also be an in-game attendance giveaway, an increased pet evolution rate bonus and exclusive summer items such as a sexy swimsuit costume.Aside from ELOA, similar...
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Jun 28 2016
eloa expansion
Some mmo games divide their games into acts, others chapters, ELOA favors the term "Epics". So, with that we delve into the new expansion, marking the beginning of Epic 2 and a host of new challenges to test our might. Elite Lord of Alliance: Outlaw's Terror rolls out today, with a raised level cap and heightened challenges to reflect the newly found power. MMO fans can now find themselves towering over foes at a respectable Level 50 and, if t...
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Jun 21 2016
eloa lost temple raid dungeon
After diving into a looters den, ELOA heroes now stumble upon a lost temple in the newest patch for the mmorpg. ELOA Patch 3.2 also known as ELOA The Lost Temple patch points the way to a namesake raid dungeon designed for level 40 characters.Challengers of The Lost Temple raid dungeon will face against a motley crew of assassinating bosses such as Mabo, Shed and Nemegaz each one capable of unleashing a one-hit fatal attack. Nimble fingers ...
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Feb 17 2016
eloa den of looters
ELOA heroes will have to avoid lethal traps and subdue big bad bosses enter if they want to loot the level 40 unique weapons in the new Den of the Looters raid dungeon. The ELOA Den of the Looters raid dungeon is part of the freshly released The Looters expansion for the hack n' slash mmorpg. Boss monsters like Advisor Bota, Revived Bulk and Turncoat Boria will spew poison when engaged upon, and it will be quite a tricky task for players to not ...
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Jan 26 2016
eloa the smash first expansion
Ready to get pummeled by heat and hallucinations in ELOA? The action rpg has released "The Smash," the second part of its first expansion, and it opens the path to two new dastardly dungeons.The first new dungeon, The Spirit Flame Workroom, where fire monsters and bosses burn all those that attempt to plumb its treasures (or recklessly enter out of curiosity.) It can be attempted in 3 difficulty levels, and at the hardest Hero difficulty leve...
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Jan 13 2016
eloa crevice of chaos
How long will you last in the Crevice of Chaos? That's the challenge for hardcore ELOA heroes with the opening of a brand new infinite dungeon. Undertaken either solo or with a party, the ELOA Crevice of Chaos dungeon can be accessed through the dungeon matching UI or through Grakan, the Guardian of the Dimension stationed in Baratan Fortress.Only rpg heroes level 35 and up will be allowed to test their strength in this unending gauntlet, wi...
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Dec 08 2015
eloa official launch
Another hack n' slash mmo is looking to make waves -- this time it's ELOA, which has made its commercial release on the WEBZEN.com portal. With the ELOA official launch, players can jump into the its expansive anime universe and engage in heart-stopping action rpg battles.There are five playable classes, four races and a boatload of PvP arenas and dungeons to do some slaying. Developers are celebrating the ELOA launch with a fun event where...
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Nov 25 2015
eloa open beta client predownload
Exactly one week to go before the ELOA open beta commences on November 17, but as early as today players can already pre-download the open beta client. The ELOA open beta client pre-download gives eager fans of the anime MMORPG seven days to prep everything, then spend launch day rolling their favorite characters and exploring the vibrant continent of Epheia. Everyone can pre-download the open beta client from the ELOA website as long as they h...
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Nov 10 2015