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ELOA Gameplay First Look - HD

ELOA Gameplay First Look - HD

ELOA or Elite Lord of Alliance is an action free online RPG developed by NpicSoft and published by Webzen. The game is also available as Inspirit Online from Game Release Entertainment, another game publisher. In terms of content, both games offer the same features and activities. The difference is how each company handles game support and premium options. ELOA offers 3D graphics and tons of fast paced fighting action. There are many game activities that encourage players to interact as much as possible. ELOA is played from a 2.5D perspective similar to Blizzard's Diablo series. Players move around using mouse or keyboard. Attacks are easily performed with mouse clicks.

One of the most exciting ELOA features is the triple specialization system. Players can equip three unique weapons and change combat style when they equip a different weapon. This can be done anywhere without having to visit a certain NPC or location. Each weapon comes with a one of a kind play style, skills and abilities. Players can swap weapons even if they are engaged in combat. ELOA is a free to play MMO with a character customization system based on races and classes. Kartu members descend from the race that created the world. Sapiens are in close connection with all natural elements. Liru are those who protect the tree of light. Classes are also available so players have the option to become soldiers or magic users. Elite Lord is a title awarded to players. Those who become Elite Lords gain access to special abilities. In addition to classes and races, players are given lots of cosmetic customizations to make their characters stand out. ELOA PvE activities require players to kill mobs for rewards and loot. There is a main quest line that reveals more about the fantasy world where adventures take place. The game world is one giant open world map with many locations and points of interest. There are cities, adventure zones and many other places that are worth exploring.

Multiplayer PvE and PvP matches provide players with fun but challenging content. Dungeons and raids are places where adventurers will find powerful mobs and bosses. ELOA is a free online RPG with PvP battlefields. These are the locations where players are allowed to fight each other. ELOA mounts, pets and achievements complete the features list. Companion creatures are found all over the game world. Pets can be combined resulting in mounts. The achievements system offers hundreds of unique accomplishments. ELOA has fantasy anime graphics and it's a good choice for those who seek an action game with tons of content.

By Rachel Rosen


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