Elemental Fallen Enchantress starts mesmerizing strategy fans on October 23

By Michael Jamias
elemental fallen enchantress launch

Elemental Fallen Enchantress, the much anticipated fantasy strategy rpg from Stardock (makers of Galactic Civilizations), will officially launch Tuesday, October 23.

With two weeks left before the worldwide release, fans can consider pre-ordering Elemental Fallen Enchantress for $39.99 and gain guaranteed access to the final rounds of beta.

Pre-order discounts are available for those who purchased the developer’s earlier strategy rpg game, Elemental War of Magic.

Never heard of Elemental Fallen Enchantress? Well, it’s developer pedigree ranks up there with the best in the genre. Derex Paxton (Fall from Heaven) led the development while Jon Shafer (Civ V) created its core campaign.

In describing the world of Elemental Fallen Enchantress, Stardock said in a release: “The world of Elemental was once filled with magic. All peoples made use of this sorcery; with it they built great kingdoms – Malaya in the south, Hallas in the west, fabled Al-Ashteroth in the East – all magnificent, and vastly different, civilizations.

“Then came the Titans, immortal beings who sought control of Elemental, and the magic contained within it. They waged war amongst the people, the land, and themselves – and in the process turned men into their vassals. Seeking control of the world’s enchantment, in the end they destroyed it. At the last great battle, the land itself was broken. Civilization perished, and the Titans vanished from the world entirely. There were survivors. This is their story,” it added.

Veering away from the mmo invasion, Fallen Enchantress is decidedly single-player game on the PC. Developers have said that it will be a story driven strategy title, where you can create a sovereign with unique talents and abilities. You can align yourself to 10 factions and try to conquer the world one territory at a time as other factions also attempt to do the same, until the inevitable do-or-die conflict arises.

“Fantasy strategy gaming on a massive scale, Fallen Enchantress hosts unique factions, unlockable unit designs, unforgettable quests and with randomly generated worlds and multiple paths to victory, you will never play the same game twice,” Stardock said.


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