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    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: chara...
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    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: stratey
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    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: explore
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    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: fight

    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: fight
    You have 2 choices with fights: Auto-resolve the battle. Or fight in a turn-based tactical skirmish. These fights add another elem...
    Elemental Fallen Enchantress: fight

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress Gameplay

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress Gameplay

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is a strategy RPG, developed and published by Stardock Entertainment. The game world is called Elemental and gamers play the part of powerful mages. The three kingdoms Malaya, Hallas and Al-Ashteroth were all created using magic. Titans invaded Elemental world and enslaved its citizens. Eventually, Titans were destroyed but so was the world. Elemental Fallen Enchantress tells the story of those who survived. Story has a great impact on Elemental Fallen Enchantress gameplay. Hardcore rpg fans will be totally delighted with the way Elemental Fallen Enchantress handles character development. Some of the game content is randomly generated. Players will find out that there are different outcomes for certain situations. Elemental Fallen Enchantress is developed by a team with good strategy and rpg expertize.

Players will experience Elemental Fallen Enchantress as mighty rulers with magic talents. There are factions to side with and factions to battle. Elemental Fallen Enchantress has 10 different factions but that’s not all. Each faction has its own units and characteristics. Altar faction is best for those interested in fast leveling. Capitar is good for commerce. Gilden has discounts for gear and weapons. Kingdom of Pariden inhabitants are unmatched spell casters. Tarth faction is for players that like archery. Kraxis has good defense. Magnar characters can use magic and have a fast city development. Resoln faction specializes in death magic. Umber kingdom is home to brave warriors that start with increased strength and dexterity and can also learn some spells. The last faction, Yithril, is all about non magic abilities. Elemental has a feature we don’t see in many RPG games. Players can create their own faction. If you don’t feel a special connection with any of the 10 factions, Elemental Fallen Enchantress offers truly unique faction options. There are 3 base types of units for each faction. Players can borrow units from other factions. There are countless possibilities to create different armies.

Elemental Fallen Enchantress has a turn based combat system. Each turn, players need to decide what spells and units to use. Units can wear equipment to improve their capabilities. Mounts allow units to move faster. Champions are the leaders of your armies. They get XP from fights, level up and learn new abilities. Elemental Fallen Enchantress champions have customizable skills. Elemental Fallen Enchantress has an editor option that allows players to create zones, maps and quests. As players set on their quest to conquer Elemental world, they will meet all sorts of foes. Wildland zones are dangerous areas that hide valuable rewards. Elemental Fallen Enchantress will become number 1 game for those who like to mix rpg with strategy. For now, Elemental Fallen Enchantress has only single player mode but maybe a MMO feature will be added.

By Rachel Rosen


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