The Elder Scrolls Online headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

By Jeffrey Davis
The Elder Scrolls Online

During the Sony media briefing at E3, it was announced that Bethesda's MMORPG take on The Elder Scrolls will be heading to consoles. Specifically speaking, the PlayStation 4 will be receiving the game in Spring 2014 in addition to the PC release that has already been planned for launch. In addition, further reports straight from Bethesda have added in the future availability of the game on the Xbox One. The latter, of course, is a notable ocurrence due to a near-total lack of MMOs on the Xbox 360 brought on with the restrictive network policies that Microsoft had originally imposed before the eventual acceptance of both Defiance and Destiny in 2013 and beyond.

The 2014 release of the console versions does come with one unfortunate side-effect, however. Specifically, the advent of such delivery and support means that the original Autumn 2013 release schedule has now also been delayed in order to accomodate the multiplatform rollout. Or so implies the official announcement regarding the MMO iteration of the acclaimed action RPG series. In addition, Bethesda has also released the following trailer, which should give you a sense of the action waiting for you in The Elder Scrolls Online:

We'll have more on this and other updates regarding The Elder Scrolls Online and everything else that's coming in from E3 2013 as it relates to MMOs all week long, so keep it locked here at MMO Play all week long for even more great stuff.


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