Veteran Ranks to expand Elder Scrolls Online endgame

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online veteran ranks

The Veteran Rank system opens up MMORPG powering progression post-level 50 in Elder Scrolls Online.

In other rpg games online, hitting the max level cap means you stop gaining stats. But not in Bethesda's upcoming game. Developers said Veteran Points, which are similar to XP, will be given out to level 50 heroes and will eventually raise their Veteran Ranks.

Players who gain more Veteran Ranks will gain more stats and possess the ability to equip better gear. Sure, the stat gains given by Veteran Ranks won't feel as powerful as the ones you get during pre-50 leveling, but we'll take small power gains to no power gains any day.

Besides, the cooler aspect of Veteran Ranks is that you'll also continue to earn skill points, helping you broaden your character skills and open up fresh builds to try out.

Elder Scrolls Online developers assured that "there will be lots of ways" to gain Veteran Points, both in PvP arenas or in PvE Adventure Zones. In fact something as simple as killing a specific NPC or monster in a dungeon will likely net you Veteran Points. This ensures that no matter which activity you like to participate in, you can continually improve and evolve your character through constant play.


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