Spellcrafting, horse racing and more heading to Elder Scrolls Online

By Tam Mageean
elder scrolls online roadmap

As Elder Scrolls Online celebrates hitting the one month mark since its successful launch, the developers have taken a step back to view the awesome virtual worlds they have created before taking the next step.

In the latest Elder Scrolls Online announcement from the developers; the team have stated that continuous improvement is a key focus for them, and as the game hits hitches along the way, they're going to regroup and tackle the problems, rather than plow through with their initial plans. They're already fighting the good fight against the emerging botting and gold farming scene, smoothing out gameplay and fixing bugs, in preparation for the game's first major update; Update 1.

The first update for the mmorpg will, of course, feature the hugely anticipated Craglorn Adventure Zone, which will bring a huge dollop of Veteran content, but Update 1 will contain so much more too. In addition, you can look forward to new, 12 player, raid-type instances called "trials", "death recaps" which will act as a kill-cam style review, allowing you to review how you died, in order to improve and XP scaling for players winning in "underdog", lower population teams.

Elder Scrolls Online Craglorn

Along with all of the Update 1 sneak peeks, the devs also revealed some early roadmapping, as to what they hope to add to the game in the future, including; armor dyeing and tinting, Spellcrafting, Horse Racing, new Craglorn regions and trials, more veteran dungeons and, rather interestingly, a "Justice System". Very little was revealed about the system, but seemingly, players will be able to steal and kill non-pivotal NPC's and risk facing the consequences, if they get caught. Bethesda already implemented similar stuff in their Skyrim and Fallout titles, which is probably where the system will take its inspiration, but we're waiting, with baited breath, to see how it turns out.


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