Elder Scrolls Online pre-E3 preview reveals new first-person POV mode

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online pre e3 preview

The latest in-development iteration of The Elder Scrolls Online also boasts a deeper character customization.

Bethesda and ZeniMax held a pre-E3 preview of the upcoming Elder Scrolls online rpg to selected videogame media and their reports reveal a vastly improved game from when it was last shown to the world.

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo was most enamored by the inclusion of a first-person POV mode in Elder Scrolls Online that has been a trademark of the franchise. "The Elder Scrolls Online has a first-person-with-hands mode. Ahhh. This game now looks like a Skyrim MMO", he said.

Meanwhile, Massively's Jeffery Wright noticed that this latest build pampers the game with a "robust" character customization. Almost all characteristics can be tweaked according to player preference, but abilities are limited only to six at a time.

The Elder Scrolls Online also preserves the tradition of use-based skill leveling. Great care was also given to make the game feel as though it were just any other Elder Scrolls game, only that you can play with thousands of other gamers at the same living, breathing world. Exploration will still matter a whole deal, so expect to run around a lot and look into every nook and cranny for the chance to score that special item or discover a secret area.

In this sense, it seems as though the developer has yielded to fan criticisms that The Elder Scrolls Online feel more like a similarly immersive addition to the series, just with the addictive and interactive massively multiplayer features plugged into it.


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