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By Tam Mageean
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As far as 2014 and mmorpg games go, Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt at the top of most gamer's lists. The Elder Scrolls saga has now been sharing tales of dragons, harpies, arrows and knees for two decades in what is arguably one of the most in-depth and engrossing fantasy tales gaming has ever seen. The recent popularity of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim saw the series transcend fans of the fantasy genre, dominating the mainstream charts and piquing the interests of even the most casual of gamers. Now, with Elder Scrolls Online, we're being promised the same awesome experience, but on a mmo platform and the world can't wait to see if it can live up to its promise.

Elder Scrolls Online pre-orders began today, with both a Standard and Collector's "Imperial" Edition up for grabs. Late last night, the Imperial Edition leaked, but has now been revealed officially and both are available both physically and digitally.

The Standard Edition, for those who pre-order, will feature the game, with 3 days early access. In addition you'll receive an Explorer pack; which will allow you access to any race or alliance (besides imperial) and an exclusive Scuttler Vanity Pet.

The pre-order of the Imperial Edition comes with the above perks, with 5 days early access and the ability to play as an Imperial, which will still be available for standard players, through the purchase of DLC, should they change their mind. You'll also get an Imperial White Horse, a Mudcrab Vanity Pet an exclusive Quest and a bunch of other stuff. The Physical Edition also comes with an awesome statue, to make all your friends jealous.

All specs and requirements can be found on the official Elder Scrolls Online Website.


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