Elder Scrolls Online announce new beta test

By Tam Mageean
elder scrolls online new beta

The fallout from the last Elder Scrolls Online beta is still in the air, with more footage, screenshots and reviews of the upcoming mmorpg hitting the internet by the minute. Despite plenty of post-beta hype still being present, the development team is already limbering up for the next one.

Earlier today, the Elder Scrolls Online team announced that their next closed beta is just around the corner, via their Twitter account.

"The next ESO beta event for PC/Mac will take place this coming weekend. We'll send out invites tomorrow. Get excited!"

As it stands, Zenimax and Bethesda have no intention of hosting a "traditional" open beta phase for the mmo, so gamers are advised to snap up whatever closed beta access they can; just incase an open beta opportunity never presents itself.

Elder Scrolls Online screenshot

If you'd like access to the closed beta, you can still register online, via the official Elder Scrolls Online website.

Due to the non disclosure agreement being lifted at the end of the last closed beta phase, it is believed that gamers will automatically publish any of their findings online, without an embargo to worry about.

Although a new set of codes are being sent out, up until now, beta code holders have been able to use the same codes over and over, so hopefully, the new codes going out represent a ramp-up of their server loads; a sign that in normal closed beta tests represents preparation for an open beta. Let's hope something big is on the way.


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