Elder Scrolls Online lore uncovered

By Tam Mageean
elder scrolls online lore

The developers for Elder Scrolls Online have decided to feature Lore on this weeks’ “Ask Us Anything” panel, much to the delight of the MMO's fans everywhere. No matter which Elder Scrolls games you have played, be it Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim, chances are you have gotten caught up in the Elder Scrolls lore at some point.

It has been clear from day one that Tamriel's rich history is important to this series and it has encapsulated a cult following of fans; dedicating hours of gameplay into research and exploring the games’ middle-ground, in the hope of finding another tiny clue, or a morsel of storyline, in order to connect the dots throughout the realm. Many rumors and myths have followed too, so to see the developers openly put themselves in the firing line has been nourishing to warriors everywhere.

elder scrolls online archetypes

The questions poured in thick and fast, and here are some of the things that the community managed to draw out of its lore-makers:

1. The Lainlyn family will make an appearance, as will Tava’s Blessing; a precursor to the city of Lainlyn.

2. The mythic Harpies will feature in some adventures.

3. Orsinium is still divided and in disrepair, with the Orcs of Wrothgar in the North, and what remains of Kurog’s kingdom in the south.

4. Reachmen will feature in the game, but will be unplayable, due to them being an anti-social archetype. They are the forerunners to the Forsworn.

5. Adamantine Tower will feature, but no news on whether it’s explorable other than “time will tell”…sounds like a possible future update in the making?

6. The Orcs of Wrothgar are once again attempting to build themselves a recognizable kingdom

7. The process of electing a Mane will be revealed, and will in-fact be a “key event” in the game, meaning you may have some influence in the decision yourself.

elder scrolls online map

The Elder Scrolls Online team are always open to questions about the epic RPG. They select a theme, and post answers based on the questions they’ve received every 2 weeks. So be sure to email them with your queries at [email protected]


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