Here's a preview of Elder Scrolls Online's heavy armor designs

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online heavy armor preview

See how Redguards, Wood Elves and Dark Elves will look like decked out in their heavy armor gear.

Below are two preview screens for the Elder Scrolls Online heavy armor concepts for the three of the nine races in the dark fantasy online rpg.

Elder Scrolls Online armor concepts full body shot

Elder Scrolls Online armor concepts close up face

"Heavy armor offers adventurers excellent protection in battle, allowing them to deflect deadly blows and act as bulwarks for more lightly-clad allies. Every race has its own approach to creating these impressive armors, and each has its own style," said Elder Scrolls Online maker Bethesda -- and it shows in how the mmorpg designers personalized the heavy armor for each race.

The Redguard heavy armor has a light silver color. When worn, it's suggestive of a blessed paladin, a shimmering ray of hope in the middle of the cruel battlefield, matching the Redguards' dignified way of life and deep reverence for the divine.

Meanwhile, the Wood Elf heavy armor is in a golden brown hue that could potentially allow them to camouflage in the forest. The addition of animal horns on the helm and pauldrons lend a primal feel to the design that resonates well with this wilderness-dwelling race.

Last but certainly not the least interesting is the intimidatingly grim Dark Elf heavy armor. Among the three concepts, this one is the most severe -- from the full helm to the dark iron and blood red color palettes -- and properly suits the grim temperament of the Dunmer dark elves.

Like Bethesda, we're also curious to know: "Which is your favorite?"


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