Elder Scrolls Online service stutters as Early Access widens

By Michael Jamias
elder scrolls online early access problems

While the Elder Scrolls Online launch has been relatively smoother than most other mmo games, it was not without some hiccups.

Foremost among these Elder Scrolls Online service disruptions were emergency maintenance that brought both regional megaservers offline as developers worked to solve bugs that had been causing players launch day pains. This only lasted for one hour but it caught plenty of players off guard as they received Elder Scrolls Online error messages saying that they had no permission to play on the realm, when in fact the real reason they were not logging in was because of the maintenance.

Elder Scrolls Online error screenshot

In a separate maintenance downtime, the North American megaserver was again made unavailable. As of this writing, the North American megaserver continues to undergo some fixing with fans hanging on to their Facebook and Twitter feeds for any news on when the repair operations will end.

To be fair to Elder Scrolls Online, the dark fantasy online rpg is communicating constantly to keep everyone in the loop regarding sudden downtimes.

But we also feel for fans for losing those precious hours to get ahead in levels before the majority of Elder Scrolls Online players join the rush a couple of days from now. It would suck to have paid for the privilege of Early Access, taking a day off work to hopefully enjoy the starter zones with little lag, only to find yourself staring at a maintenance downtime page.


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