Elder Scrolls Online Takes Down Guild Bank Due to Dupe Bug

By Jeff Francis
Elder Scrolls Online dupe bug

In a surprising development, The Elder Scrolls Online has been massively hit by a dupe bug. It seems that many players in the mmorpg have found a duplication bug that allows them to easily make copies of crafting materials, and then sell those extra copies to vendors for some good coin. Endlessly repeat the process, and you have a lot of players walking around in legendary gear and literally having billions of gold in their banks. As you can imagine, this is having a disastrous impact upon the game's economy.

The Elder Scrolls Online city

With so much gold flowing through the mmo, items are relatively worthless as the old law of supply and demand rear its head. The only action taken so far by Zenimax is to shut down the guild bank within the game. What is compounding the problem is that not only have a large number of players used the dupe bug to make themselves wealthy, but a lot of other players bought the extremely cheap crafting materials that the duplicators created. While the second group has done nothing technically wrong, they are feeding the imbalance to the in-game economy.

What is more troubling with the dupe bug in The Elder Scrolls Online was that Zenimax was apparently aware of the issue during the beta. It's being reported that players were reporting the bug back in February, but Zenimax did nothing to address the issue at all. Right now, players are waiting to see what other steps Zenimax takes to fix the problem and restore balance to the in-game economy. Some are suggesting the creation of entirely new crafting materials to replace the original duplicated ones, but no action has officially been taken except to shut down the game's guild bank. If it's true that the bug was reported in beta, then it really is inexcusable for the mmo to let it remain unfixed through launch. We'll just have to wait and see how this issue is resolved and how long it will take to do so.


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